Fellowship with other Agents who believe and think the way you do!

 Support of like-minded Agents who want to serve their communities.

OSBBA  Members Enjoy...

     What makes OSBBA "Selected" Members different?

"Working to Restore Surety               ...IN ALL OHIO COURTS!"

Membership in the Ohio State Bail Bond Association is by invitation only....we are comprised of both Independent Agents, Sole Proprietorships and Family Owned Businesses as well...OSBBA does everything possible to maintain the highest of integrity & quality of its "Selected" Members

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 Our Agents & Agencies desire to promote respect & support for each other.

Through the years we've been asked to provide a TRUSTED LIST of Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents in Ohio for families and individuals seeking a Surety Bail Bond.  Therefore, OSBBA "Selected" Members:

     ~ are included on Referral Roster only after meeting rigorous selection criteria

     ~ are carefully screened for their commitment to quality & high standards

     ~ are privately owned, meaning a defendant's needs come first

     ~ view their reputation as their most valuable asset

     ~ must demonstrate ongoing high standards to the families they serve

We believe, like other professionals in the State of Ohio, e.g. Physicians, Funeral Directors, Attorneys, etc., that Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents have the right to "associate" withlike-minded agents...providing fellowship, support and for the development of lasting friendships and respect for each other.

OSBBA respects the right of Sole Proprietorships and the promotion of local "Family Owned" businesses that have served our neighborhood communities for years. The Ohio State Bail Bond Association respects the right of individual Agents to align themselves with these respected Agencies.  

​OSBBA encourages all members to be members of the OHIO PROFESSIONAL BAIL ASSOCIATION, INC...the Ohio member of the PROFESSIONAL BAIL AGENTS OF THE UNITED STATES! 

OSBBA is against the "monopolization" of the bail bond industry in Ohio.  We see this happening more and more each day.  ​Yes, OSBBA "Selected" Members stand together to preserve & protect the integrity of our profession and set the rightexample of what surety bail bonding is all about...filled with ethics, trust and family values!  Furthermore, we firmly stand by and believe the Great Ohio State Motto that "With God All Things Are Possible!"

 Our Agents & Agencies desire to establish lasting friendships with others.

With over 10 years of service to Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents throughout the State of Ohio...
...By the Agents for the Agents...


Membership in the OSBBA  is by Invitation Only ~ ~