"Bail Agents and Ethics       at the Courthouse"             - 1 CE Hr.

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 "Rules & Laws: What       Bail Agents Must  

  Know"  -  6 CE Hrs

Welcome to the Ohio State Bail Bond Association...proud member of the OHIO PROFESSIONAL BAIL ASSOCIATION, INC....promoting the highest in ethical standards for the Bail Bonding Profession....if you're seeking an Agent or Agency to help you with a Surety Bail Bond, please visit our Registry of "Selected" Members....these are "folks you can trust" and they're located throughout the State of Ohio and will be glad to assist you!

With over 15 years of service to Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents throughout the State of Ohio... We are your Trusted CE Source...

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  "Rules & Major Lines:

   This  You Must Know"           - 15 CE Hrs

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 (Includes all required 7 CE Hrs listed above)       For Surety Bail Bond Agents with "Major Lines" Licenses and those Needing Additional CE Hrs we offer the 17 CE Hrs listed below for $99

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Ohio Department of Insurance ~ 50 W. Town Street, Third Floor - Suite 300 ~ Columbus, Ohio 43215

Mike DeWine, Governor ~ Judith L. French, Director of the ODI

​General Info: 614-644-2658 ~ Agent Licensing: 614-644-2665 ~ Fraud Hotline: 800-686-1527


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 "Bail Agents: Ethics &           Doing What's Right"           - 2 CE Hrs

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Organized in 2003 under the administration of Governor Bob Taft, and from our early days...meeting in hotel rooms, rented spaces and a downtown Columbus office...we have served hundreds of Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents as an Approved Provider with the Ohio Department of Insurance for Continuing Education.  Our commitment remains today to help you!

Soon it became clear that agents were not only being called away from their families at a great expense for travel, meals and hotel rooms but they were constantly getting calls and missing business in their local communities!​

In answer to this dilemma, the Ohio State Bail Bond Association was the first to develop "Self-Study" CE Courses for Surety Bail and make them available to all Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents in Ohio.  Additionally, the OSBBA developed and offered the very first "Ethics specific" courses for Surety Bail.

We believe in "old fashioned" ways & values...paper exams & answer sheets... avoiding possibility of Big Brother's technological compromises and mishaps as everything is overly transparent on the Internet!

The Ohio State Bail Bond Association is a member of the OHIO PROFESSIONAL BAIL ASSOCIATION, INC. and offers "Selected" Referral of "Trusted Family Members"  to the General Public...by invitation only.   

OSBBA "Selected" Members serve as a REGISTRY & recommendation of Licensed Surety Bail Bond Agents to the General Public.